Everybody wears clothes, but only TESTEX who is proficient in the manufacturing, testing and research industry that really understands the full story of clothing.

From fiber to fabric and fabric to garments, every stage of the journey needs to be tested to ensure the right standards for high-quality textiles are met. TESTEX is dedicated to being lifelong partner with customers of textile instruments.

As the leading one of textile testing equipment suppliers, TESTEX is committed to producing a wide range of technical textile testers (Bursting Strength Tester, Crockmeter, etc.) and bringing customers high-quality and safe textiles.

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Quality & Standards  

TESTEX textile testing instruments are guaranteed to meet corresponding standards and completely tested to ensure the highest performance and longer life.

Delivery Time

Through numerous research and actual practices, TESTEX has summed up a systemic solution of inventory and delivery. The inventory flow of TESTEX is good, which can realize the rapid delivery of conventional machines like yarn testing instruments- wrap reel, fabric testing instruments- Elmendorf tear tester, etc., and the regular delivery of other machines.

Global Partnerships 

Working closely with many international organizations and labs, TESTEX has become the preferred one of textile lab equipment manufacturers and is versed in textile lab equipment.

Technical Guidance

TESTEX is committed to being partners with textile industry practitioners and textile enthusiasts to help them succeed, by providing technical knowledge and guidance on textile testing and textile laboratory equipment.

Customized Service

TESTEX has a professional team of engineers, who are engaged in the textile testing equipment for decades. They can work closely with customers all over the world to develop new machines for unique and individualized requirements.

After Sales

TESTEX online response is available 7 days×24 hours. Every textile testing machine is supported with a technical team worldwide, and followed with 18-month warranty and 24-month free spare parts.

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If you’d like to know more about our machines and policies, we’d love to answer your questions. We’re on GMT +8 and reply to all emails within 12 hours.